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 Genus Whip

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PostSubject: Genus Whip   Genus Whip Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2008 12:25 am

Name: Genus Whip

Type of Weapon: Spiked whip

Primary/Secondary: Secondary, it's embedded in his arm and can only be used when he is using a morph

Enchanted: None yet

Ability/Function: Restricts movement based on a dice roll (1-3= double attack for me for 2 posts, 4-6= double attack for 4 posts)

Close/long range: Both

Damage: Close= 35, Long= 50

History: Vlad got this weapon after being cornered by a group of mercenaries in Senai'Ka. One of the mercenaries attempted to behead Vlad with a spiked whip, but Vlad blocked it with his arm at the last minute, causing it to wrap around his arm. Vlad then made the mistake of morphing in hopes of breaking the chain. It instead fused into his arm, making this weapon available only when he is in morph form.

Genus Whip 5
See the chain on the right side of the pic that's connected to his arm? That's what my weapon looks like

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Genus Whip
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