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 Site Rules, please follow them

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Site Rules, please follow them Left_bar_bleue370/370Site Rules, please follow them Empty_bar_bleue  (370/370)
Site Rules, please follow them Left_bar_bleue340/340Site Rules, please follow them Empty_bar_bleue  (340/340)
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PostSubject: Site Rules, please follow them   Site Rules, please follow them Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 7:44 pm

The Major Rules:
1. No God Modding-
God modding is when you create a character, spell, skill, ability, weapon, item, summon, enchantment, or transformation that is too powerful to be allowed in the game. If these types of things are seen they will be instantly terminated by moderators and administrators, in severe cases, banishment will be enacted.
Examples of god modding are as follows:
-Auto-Hitting spells or abilities
-Infinite Magic or spells and skills that cost no magic

2. No Auto-Hitting
Auto-hitting is when, during a roleplay, one character does an action that causes the targeted character to be put in harms way, harm, or otherwise killed. This is strictly prohibited here as it cuts down the quality of roleplaying and restricts the ability of other characters if auto-hitting becomes too prominant.
Examples of auto-hitting are as follows:
- *Hinoshi runs up to Ookami and cuts her head off*
- *Vlad pulls a knife on Mathias and stabs him in the back*
Correct ways of doing those would be as follows:
- *Hinoshi rushes towards Ookami and swings his sword horizontally towards Ookami's neck, attempting to behead her*
- *Vlad pulls a knife on Mathias and attempts to stab him in the back*

3. No Using The Unapproved
When roleplaying, anything you use must be approved seperately if it has any special affects or is otherwise not canon, or originally in, kingdom hearts and your canon character is known for having it, such as Zexion and his lexicon, Roxas and the Oblivion and Oathkeeper keyblades, Xaldin and his halberds, and Saix and his claymore. All spells, skills, abilities, weapons, enchantments, summons, forms and transformations must be approved seperated, as does your character. If you use unapproved, or otherwise uncreated abilities, skills, weapons, etc., then you will be banned and the roleplay you used it in will be terminated, if the roleplay is a tournament match, the user of unapproved things will be disqualified.

4. Multiple Accounts
On this site, we try to keep the roleplaying very versatile, also, since there are a limited number of canon, or characters from final fantasy and kingdom hearts, that is the reason we ask you to only have one account, that way, more different people can have canon characters, and that way the roleplaying can be funner and more unique for everyone. If you are found having more than one account, all accounts will be banned, or all but one will be deleted.

5. No Spamming
Spamming is when a user posts many, unuseful or otherwise unnecessary posts over a short period of time in order to improve post count. This is cheating and will not be tolerated. Moderators who notice spam will alert the spammer of their actions, and threaten with banishment, and if the spammer continues, moderators will alert an administrator, who will then follow through with the banning.

6. Post Length
To avoid spamming, we request all users make their posts at least 30 words in length as a minimum, during roleplays this rule will be especially strict seeing as there can always be something added into a roleplay post, this can be helped by being descriptive and wording things more interestingly, although, do not try to extend a post to the point it makes no sense, that just destroys the reason for the rule, which is to improve roleplaying, if you really cannot extend an rp, then you will not be punished for doing so, but if you cram all kinds of information into 10 words, you might as well extend it to 50. Not following this rule is comparable to the No Spamming rule, and failing to follow it will have the similar consequences.

7. Metagaming
Metagaming is when a member uses OOC (out of character) knowledge, to gain an IC (in character) advantage, this is not allowed because it can cause issues in roleplaying seeing as it uses information or knowledge that you, the actual player knows, and gives that to the character of the player, when they didnt learn about it themselves in the roleplay world. Do not metagame unless you are prepared to be confronted by, probably, numerous users, moderators, and in extreme, unsettling issues, administrators.
A description and an example of metagaming as put by Vlad is as follows:
Vlad wrote:
simply put, the application of OoC knowledge IC to gain an edge. So for example, if you were to go in an rp, and I wasn't in it, and it revealed you were deathly afraid of fuzzy bunnies, I could read that, and then use it against you in a fight, because that would be knowledge I have, but Riku doesn't.

The Lesser Rules
1. Think Before You Speak
It is recommended and appreciated if users will think about what they say and post before they actually do so, this will help prevent unnecessary conflicts and leave more users on good terms with others, it will basically make everyones stay at the site more pleasant.

2.No Profanity
Profanity its strictly prohibited here for users, the administrators, particularly myself, are immune to this rule, users may not use curses, cuss words, profanity, or foul language in any shape or form. However, taunting is not prohibited entirely, but if it gets too out of hand moderators will be informed and will take action.
Examples of restricted language are as follows:

3. Prejudice, Racial, or Political Correctness
On this site there are many different races of user and character, both in the actual roleplay world, and the actual users in the real world. Racism and prejudice is indeed allowed in the roleplay world, it adds versatility and perspective to the game, but in the chat room, ooc, messaging, and other non-roleplay involved areas, racism and prejudices of all kinds are prohibited, sexual and racial slurs are not to be directed towards other users and you will be held accountable for using such language and arrogant talk here.
Examples of such words are as follows:
-Sand Nigger

4. Taunting
Taunting on this site is allowed, but if such things grow out of hand between two or more users then moderators and administrators of the site will need to take action if things become too intense. Taunting should be used mostly in role playing, and should be used very little, if at all, out of character.

5. My Chivalry Complex
As I'm sure most of you know, i have a strong distaste for harm, pain, discomfort, or any other kind of unkind gesture towards the females of this site, and as you may have noticed, i can become very aggressive to defend them if problems mentioned above arise. However, it is not restricted to do the above actions, since this is indeed a role play world, and prohibiting those things would restrict the possibilities of the game, it is just unwise to do so if you are not confident that you could back yourself against myself in such a situation. Bottom line, again, think before you act.

This site is heavily based off of how well you can word your role plays and how you can describe whats going on or how something works. Since that is the case, i implore all users to be as descriptive as they can before posting something, whether it be a role play post, a character profile, a spell, a skill, a gene sync, a primal strike, a weapon, an enchantment or anything at all. The more descriptive you are, the more respect, and the more progress you will receive here.

7. Grammar and Punctuation
This is site heavily based off of how well you can word your role plays and how you emphasize how you want something to be understood. Since that is the case, i implore all users to be as punctual and grammar-wise as they can be before posting something, whether it be a role play post, a character profile, a spell, a skill, a gene sync, a primal strike, a weapon, an enchantment or anything at all. The better your spelling and punctuation, the easier it will be to get your ideas across to others and you will receive more respect as a role player.

8. Respecting the Higher Ups
This site depends on the work and diligence of the moderators and administrators, please respect the opinions of them and attempt to stay on their good sides, they are often busy, especially the administrators, so make things easy for them by reading the rules and trying your best to make your things approved right off the bat.

9. Approval
When awaiting for a spell, skill, ability, summon, enchantment, weapon, or form to be approved, please do not message and bump your posts constantly to get moderators and administrators attention, we are busy, we will get to it eventually, so please be patient and someone will help you eventually.

10. Inappropriate Content
This site has many different aged users, therefore, users are not allowed to post inappropriate images, videos, or any other form of content unsuitable for the younger age users.
Examples of inappropriate content are as follows:
-Sexual images or videos
-Violent or gory images or videos
-Drug related images or videos

11.Signature Size
Since role plays and much of the activity on the site is based on reading and scrolling through page after page, we ask the users of the site to minimize the size of their signatures for the convenience of all other users, it can get very annoying for others to scroll down pages while looking for something, and gigantic pictures interfere with their ability to find what they're looking for, if you need help getting a picture to a suitable size, then message an administrator, we can help with issues such as that.

12.Morph Limitations
Being that this site is all about using animal morphs and such, you may be wondering how many morphs you are limited to. You are allowed 5 normal morphs at any time. Normal morphs are things such as werewolf, dragon, tiger, etc. I also know that some of you may be wanting to get creative and have a different kind of morph, one made up of two different animals. These morphs are referred to as hybrids, and you are allowed 5 hybrid morphs and they must be put in the "Gene Sync" category. Hybrid morphs include, but are not limited to: weredragons, ligers, etc.
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Site Rules, please follow them
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